Films In Peel

Ynnyd Keead-Blein

Films In Peel

Films in Peel started in November 2008 to provide a cinema in the West of the Island.
Since then it has gone from strength to strength and runs two programmes a year from January to May and from September to December.
It is entirely independent and solely run by volunteers.

Events from this Promoter

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Please note:
    ♫ Films start at 7.45pm unless otherwise specified
    ♫ Refreshments are available and doors open at 7.00pm.
    ♫ you must have an email address for us to send the electronic tickets. We do not post tickets.
    ♫ there is a maximum order quantity of 10 tickets per event.
    ♫ All events will be free seating, Films In Peel does not allocate seats for events.

Date Event Title Venue Price Quantity
29 Jan 2020 Rocketman (15) Centenary Centre £ 5.00 Sales Closed *
15 Apr 2020 Maudie (12) Centenary Centre £ 5.00
29 Apr 2020 The Professor (15) Centenary Centre £ 5.00
1 May 2020 Sometimes Always Never (12A) Centenary Centre £ 5.00
13 May 2020 Yesterday (12) Centenary Centre £ 5.00
27 May 2020 Shoplifters Manbiki Kazoku (15) Centenary Centre £ 5.00
17 Jun 2020 Hotel Mumbai (15) Centenary Centre £ 5.00
1 Jul 2020 Apollo 11 (U) Centenary Centre £ 5.00
* The Online Ticket Allocation for this event has sold out but there may still be tickets available so please contact the Films In Peel.