Centenary Centre

Ynnyd Keead-Blein

Centenary Centre

The Island's only Arts and Community Centre Run entirely by volunteers.
Your venue for: Theatrical Productions, Corporate Presentations, Lectures, Exhibitions, Discussion Groups and Workshops.

Events from this Promoter

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Date Event Title Venue Price Quantity
5 Sep 2020 IM1 Live Centenary Centre £ 10.00
12 Sep 2020 Our Island: Our World Centenary Centre £ 10.00
26 Sep 2020 Retrospect Centenary Centre £ 17.00 Sales Closed *
14 Nov 2020 Holy Moly & The Crackers Centenary Centre £ 18.00 Sales Closed *
20 Mar 2021 Martin Simpson & Martin Taylor Centenary Centre £ 20.00
* The Online Ticket Allocation for this event has sold out but there may still be tickets available so please contact the Centenary Centre.